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Copenhagen 4.04.2017 | Monki style


So that big day finally came! I was waiting for that from several months.. As I said before when I first came here I was planning to visit whole Denmark and I succeeded in seeing only Aarhus with Eva's parents.. Well this time it didn't go any better, I went to Copenhagen only because I had a flight from there.. any guesses where to? 

I took my plane to Madrid in the evening so I had the whole day in Copenhagen for myself. I am not a person who likes to be alone, especially on trips, therefore I just took a sweet little friend of mine. Kasia has never been before in the capital of Denmark so I tried to be her guide (as you know I've been there few years ago) but I wasn't probably the best one - I just remember few nice spots and finding them took me a lot of time. 

But anyway, we had a really nice walk around the city! Weather was really lovely that day, there were moments that we just took off our jackets and enjoyed a sun. But we took them off also for the other purpose which was one of my biggest hopes for the trip...

... we went shopping! As probably some of you know, Kolding is not too big city, it's actually more like, no offense, a big village. So as you can suspect, we do not have too many shops there. What do girls do when they see cool shops for the first time in Denmark right after getting their salary? Of course, spend as much for clothes as they can carry later. My main destination was store called Monki where I spent the biggest amount of money amongst past few months. Therefore I decided to put here some pictures in outfit that is created nearly only of Monki's clothes (in their changing room by the mistake, of course). The pictures are already captured in Madrid.

...and just a bit from Copenhagen...


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